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"The Grant water baths are one of the most essential pieces of equipment in our kitchens. They fit in well, and with their precise temperature control are great for both cooking  and the development of new dishes. Equally important, they are also solid reliable ‘workhorses’, helping us to produce dishes of consistently high quality day in day out and with minimum hassle in terms of operation and cleaning"

Ashley Palmer-Watts, Executive chef of Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in The Mandarin Oriental & Group Executive Chef, The Fat Duck Group


"Since starting to use Grant water baths we have been able to further develop the technique in our kitchen which has helped in the creation of some very exciting new dishes. We are using the baths in many different ways and we find that the more we use them, the more ideas we come up with. Cooking with such accurate control is a great help in achieving consistent end results."

Mark Askew, Executive Chef, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants


"Prue Leith Chefs Academy is of the opinion that graduated culinary students should know how to use specialised equipment before entering the industry. Sous vide has become a cooking method widely used in South African and international kitchens. Grant baths have made it possible for the Academy to offer curriculum based instruction and dishes on our restaurant menu that involve sous vide cooking. The students as well as the lecturers at the Academy love the results with regards to flavours and textures."

Lorraine Meaney, Executive Chef, Prue Leith Chefs Academy


"I have been using Grant water baths in my kitchen at The Berkeley for a number of years and continue to find them a great asset. They enhance traditional cookery methods and allow us to develop new ideas for menu changes. The water baths are highly reliable and withstand constant use whilst maintaining consistent temperatures. They are invaluable addition to our kitchen."

Marcus Wareing, The Berkeley






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