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"Sous vide cooking is the single greatest advancement in cooking technology in decades."

Heston Blumenthal, Three-Michelin Star Chef


   heston blumenthal


Do what you do now, only better with sous vide.

Sous vide cooking is precision temperature cooking, the most consistent way of cooking.


The principle of cooking food sous vide is simple: food (e.g. a cut of meat) is vacuum sealed in a pouch with/without an accompanying sauce or seasoning, and then cooked in a precision temperature controlled bath at comparatively low temperatures (typically around 65-70°C). Sous vide cooking method is mainly used for cooking meat and fish, vegetables and fruit and offers a range of key benefits:


  • Consistency:
    each dish is the same, every time
  • Flexibility:  
    no rush, leave in to cook for an extra hour with no effect on quality
  • Lower energy:
    less heat extraction, less heat in the kitchen. Little energy to maintain temperatures  
  • Quality:
    achieve excellence in molecular gastronomy. Experiment and invent new dishes
  • Workflow:  
    Food portions can be prepared in advance, vacuum sealed and stored in a refrigerator for comparatively long periods of time – ideal for coping with the peaks and troughs in activity and for master kitchens supplying ‘satellite’ kitchens
  • Cheaper cuts:
    transform cheaper cuts of meat into premium. Make same quality dishes, only cheaper





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